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International Cooperation and Exchanges
AIAI is active in developing international cooperation and academic exchange and has established a close academics exchange relationship with well-known universities in Germany, US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, etc. Agreements have been reached on an joint effort in scientific research, teacher and student exchange programs and degree programs with Technische University Dresden, Germany, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, Hanseo University, South Korea, and CITI Management Institute, Singapore.
Meanwhile, AIAI maintains long-term close cooperation with 500 research institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, and distinguished universities both at home and abroad, which has brought about positive social effects and propelled the sustainable development of AIAI.

       German guests visit Experimental Center for Civil Structure
Minister of Cultural & scientific department from texas,Germany visits AIAI,with the accompany of
Chen xianzhong , the former Director of Anhui Provincial Department of Education (the second from the right)
President Cheng-Hua signed the cooperation agreement with President xian jishan from Hanseo University, South Korea 
Chen yi (the fourth from the left), Director of Anhui Provincial Department of
Education, meets with the delegation from CITI,Singapore




                                                                                                                                                                               Author: 2007-01-05

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